My new single “Too Little, Too Late!” is finally out and I am very happy about it. For the most part, it’s because it took a lot of time to finalize the track in the sound design department. Basically I got stuck with it so the best part after that is just to release it and move on to a new project, and that is exactly what I did. I have a lot of new music in the works so stay tuned, follow me on Instagram and Facebook or follow this page.

Hope you will enjoy this tune as much as I did working on it. I will upload a little video on YouTube later on.


Check out my remix on “Typewriter feat Bonaparte – X Over”.

The remix is unofficial but for the limited time you can grab your copy below.


Today is the day! My new single “Speed of Thought” is finally out and ready for you to take a listen. More info here!

My new single “Speed of Thought” is set to release next week on Friday (May 29th) and I am very excited about it. This is my first tune produced in 120 bpm and you can classify it as a Deep House production, but I would say that I feel like it`s more of a Progressive House rather than Deep. Let me know what you think? Check out an official preview below!  😉

After some time I have finally made a decision to change my hosting provider. I have been using for some time now and found it a bit limiting as I wanted to make my music downloadable and at the same time monitor how many people have actually downloaded my tracks. is great if you just want to have a functional and fast blog but not really a full-blown website, for that,  you have to upgrade for a really high price which I think is overpriced. My decision was to move my websites to so far so good :-).

I have a lot of new tracks that pretty much finished but I really don`t have time to release them, which kind of sucks. My next release will be called “Twisted” and is set to release on “April 03 2020”.

Hope you enjoy my new page and my music, see you around!

If you`d like to drop me a few words use the contact page or comment section below.